Waterproof Pet Cat Litter Mat
Waterproof Pet Cat Litter Mat
Waterproof Pet Cat Litter Mat
Waterproof Pet Cat Litter Mat
Waterproof Pet Cat Litter Mat
Waterproof Pet Cat Litter Mat

Waterproof Pet Cat Litter Mat

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Tired Of Sweeping Up The Litter? 

The Waterproof Pet Cat Litter Mat mat features a “honeycomb” top layer that lets litter slide in through the holes and traps it on the solid rubber bottom. It has the Silver Ion Technology that improves its Antibacterial ability. Silver is a powerful antimicrobial substance used to fight bacteria, viruses. Mold for more than 2000 years and proven to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria such as Campylobacter, MRSA, E.coli, Listeria, Salmonella and many other species by up to 99.99%. Keep your floors clean by keeping kitty litter from tracking all over the house with the innovative trap litter mat! 


  • Locks 75% More Litter:  our mat does an excellent job than other larger sized mats. A truly functional litter trapper!
  • Cat-Friendly: The heavy-duty EVA rubber foam is safe, non-toxic, and completely pet-friendly. And because it’s extra durable and soft on their little padded feet, the smooth, comfortable surface will make it easier for your furry friends to get in and out of their boxes.
  • Non-Slip Backing: This mat stays where you put it! Catches litter continuously and won't constantly shift around when your cat climbs in and out of the box all day long.
  • Recycle the Litter and Save Money: Traps litter from cats paws and litter from the box.
  • Waterproof/Urine Proof Layer: Bottom layer is waterproof which will not allow any liquid to go through. Protect your hardwood floors and carpets from nasty urine stains. Regular Cleaning by running water is recommended.
  • Clean with Ease: The litter mats are completely waterproof in case of accidents, catch debris between two rubber layers keeping your home cleaner, and work effectively with all types of cat litter!
  • Uniquely Thick & Heavy: With a highly durable backing, our mat is of superior quality! Unlike thinner, fragile mats, it won't tear or crack when you shake it or even after you wash it. It'll even hold up to cat's claws.


  • 1 x Waterproof Pet Cat Litter Mat

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